29 december 2011

Alfabetisch gerangschikte lijst van Popcorn/Boppin' Oldies

de meeste titels zijn ondergebracht in een full cd. door op de link te klikken wordt u daar naartoe geleid.

Adamo -
Ik Kan Niet Zonder Jou (Sans Toi Mamie)
Akens, Jewel -
The Vegetable Love Song
Alberto, Jose -
Mi Gran Amor Le Di
Alaimo, Steve -
I Don't Wonna Cry
Alessi, Sam -
Adorable Cha Cha Cha
Alexander, Arthur -
Anna (Go To Him)
Alexander, Arthur -
Whole Lot Of Trouble
Allen, Terri -
In The First Place
Alpert,Dore - Dore - Tell It To The Birds
Anka, Paul -
Happy Tears (1962)
Anka, Paul -
I'd Never Find Another You
Anka, Paul -
It only last for a little while (1962)
Anka, Paul -
La Verita
Anka, Paul -
Love Land
Appalachan, Johnny - Mountain Of A Man
Baby Jane & The Rockabyes - Half Deserted Street
Baila Tu Ritmo Latino -
Banks, Douglas -
Never Say Goodbye
Barberis, Mariolino - Il Duca Della Luna
Barberis, Mariolino - Quanto A Settembre
Bare, Bobby - Dear Waste Basket
Barker, Bill -
Another Sleepless Night
Barlow, Dean -
Don't Let Him Take My Baby
Barlow, Dean -
Yesterday's Kisses (1963)
Barlow, Dean -
Third Window From The Right
Bass, Fontella -
Free At Last
Bassey, Shirley - Gone
Bassey, Shirley -
Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me
Beaumont, Jimmy -
Never Say Goodbye
Bell, Dennis - My One Love
Berry, Chuck - Too Pooped To Pop (1960)
Blane, Marcie -
The Hurtin' Kind
Blue Haze -
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Blues Busters, The -
Boccara, Frida -
La Más Bella Del Baile
Boone, Pat -
Welcome New Lovers
Borlynn, Billy -
I Want A Girl
Bostic, Earl -
El Choclo Bossa Nova
Boyd, Idalia -
Some Kind Of Wounderful
Brown, Maxine - She's Got Everything
Bruce, Ed -
See The Big Man Cry
Burke, Solomon -
Cry To Me
Burnette, Dorsey - Cry For Your Love
Burnette, Dorsey - It's No Sin
Burnette, Jan -
Fool In Love
Buzon, John, Trio -
Down By The Station
Campello, Tony -
Baby Face
Campo, Lucy -
Silly Boy
Carli, Patricia -
Heureux De Vivre
Carr, Cathy -
Someone Told You A Lie
Carosene, Renato -
Cascades, The -
There's A Reason
Chandler, Gene -
Forgive Me
Chandler, Gene -
Miracle After Miracle (1962)
Chaparones, The -
Shining Star
Cherval, Frank -
Be My Girl
Chips, The -
Party People
Clark, Claudine -
Somebody Else Is In My Place
Clark, Dee -
Bring Back My Heart
Clark, Dee - Don't Walk Away From Me
Clark, Petula -
Baby Lover
Clark, Petula -
Chariot (i will follow him) (1962)
Clark, Petula -
La Frontière
Cleftones, The - Some Kinda Blue

Cline, Patsy - Strange
Cline, Patsy -
When I Get Thru With You (You'll Love Me Too)
Clooney, Rosemary & Perez Prado -
Cu-Cu Rru-Cu-Cu Paloma
Clooney, Rosemary & Perez Prado -
Magic Is The Moonlight
Clooney, Rosemary & Perez Prado - Sway
Coe, Jamie -
I'll Go On Loving You
Cogan, Alma - Hold Your Hands Out You Naughty Boy
Cogan, Alma -
Tennessee Waltz
Colbert, Phil -
Where Was I
Cole, Nat King -
My first and only lover
Collier, Mitty -
Don't Let Her Take My Baby
Conductor, The - Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha

Constanzo, Jack & Gerrie Woo - Some Kind Of Wonderful
Cooke, Sam -
Movin' And Groovin'
Cooke, Sam - Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
Cordy, Annie -
Six Roses
Cornels, The -
Walk A Cha
Craddock, Billy 'Crash' -
Heavenly Love
Craddock, Billy ‘Crash’ -
One last kiss (1961)
Crawford, Bobby -
Mrs Smith
Crawford, Johnny -
Crawford, Johnny -
Your Nose Is Gonna Grow
Criss, Gary -
Welcome To My Heart
Curtis, Allen -
Think Of Me
Curtis, Eddie -
I Was Here
Curtola, Bobby -
Gypsy Heart
Curtola, Bobby - Walkin' With My Angel
D'ora, Jana -
King Bee
Dalida -
Damita Jo -
I'll Be There
Dana, Kenny - It's Been So Long
Dana, Vic -
The Story Behind My Tears
Dane, Jerry -
Nothing But The Truth
Darvell, Barry - A King For Tonight
Day, Bobby - I Need Help
Dean, Bill -
Never Let Her Go
Dee, Jackie -
Strolypso Dance
Dee, Joey -
Enough Is Enoug
Del Marino -
Cupid´s Arrow
Dells -
Wait Till Tomorrow
DeMatteo, Nicky -
Baby That's All
DeMatteo, Nicky -
Deneve, Rita -
Vroeg Of Laat
Desanto, Sugar Pie - She's Got Everything
Dey, Tracey -
Who's That
Di Bari, Nicola -
Amo Solo Te (1970)
Diamond, Neil -
At Night
Diamond, Neil - Clown Town

Dillard, Varetta - Just Multiply
Dinning, Mark - The Lovin' Touch
Dino -
Ma C' E' Un Momento Del Giorno
Dino E I Kings - Cerca Di Capire
Dion -
Ain't That Better Baby
Dion -
Kissin' Game
Dion & The Belmonts - Save The Last Dance For Me
Dixie Cups, The -
I'm Gonna Get You Yet
Dobkins Jr, Carl - (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I
Dobkins Jr, Carl -
Open Up Your Arms
Dobkins Jr, Carl -
Three Little Peggies
Donaggio, Pino -
Vestito Di Sacco
Donner, Ral - To Love
Dorsey, Tommy Orchestra -
Tea For Two Cha Cha
Dove, Ronnie -
Hello Pretty Girl
Eckstine, Billy -
There's A Small Hotel
Engel, Joanne -
I Want Him
English, Barbara & The Fashions -
Everett, Betty -
With You I Stand
Exotics, The -
Fabian -
Any Old Time
Fabulous Four, The -
Coming Home
Ferrante, Roby -
Ogni Volta
Filippini, Bruno -
La Ragazza Nell' Acqua
Fierro, Aurelio - Carolina Dai
Five Royals, The - Catch That Teardrop
Flamingos, The - I Know Better
Flemons, Wade -
Too Long Will Be Too Late
Foster, John -
E Troppo Facile
Four Holidays, The - I Can't Wait
Four Seasons, The - Bermuda
Four Tops, The - I Can't Help Myself (Italian)
Fox, Norman & The Rob Boys -
Francis, Connie -
La Seule Qui T'aime
Franklin, Aretha -
Two Sides Of Love
Franklin, Erma -
Froboess, Conny -
Papa Liebt Die Mama
Funicello, Annette -
The Rock A Cha (1961)
Funicello, Annette -
Surfin Luau
Gales, Nat -
You'll Never Ever Get Away From Me
Gallant Ronnie -
In The Night
Gamble, Kenny - Standing In The Shadow
Garnett, Gale -
I'll Cry Alone
Genny -
Nu' Chiagnere Pe' M' Me
Giant, Bill - Better Let Her Go (1961)
Gibb, Georgia -
I Will Follow You
Gibbs, Georgia - Kiss Of Fire
Gibbs, Georgia -
Tra La La
Gigi And The Charmaines - What Kind Of Girl (Do You Think I Am)
Gilmer, Jimmy & The Fireballs -
I'm Gonna Love You Too
Gilmer, Jimmy & The Fireballs -
Words Of Love
Gordon, Anita - Tommy
Gerri Granger - Castle In The Sky

Grant, Carrie & The Grandeurs - Take All Of My Life
Gray, Bobby -
Devil Eye
Green, Birdie -
How Come
Griffin, Herman -
Sleep (Little One)
Hardy, Françoise -
Il Tuo Migliore Amico (Ton Meilleur Ami) (1963)
Harris, Jet & Tony Meehan -
Besame Mucho
Hawkins, Sammy -
Standing On The Sidelines
Hewitt, Ben -
Patricia June
Hickman, Dwayne -
Hodges, Charles -
I'll Never Go To A Party Again
Hodges, Eddie -
Ain't Gonna Wash for a Week (1961)
Holland, Eddie -
Holloway Brenda, -
Houston, Freddie -
Soft Walking
Hunt, Tommy -
Didn't I Tell You
Hunt, Tommy -
I Might Like It
Hunter, Ivory Joe -
You Only Want Me When You Need Me
Hunter, James -
You Can't Win
Hunter, Tab -
Apple Blossem Time
I Nordisti & Ginto - Ogni Giorno
Ifield, Frank - Say It Isn't So
Jackson, Chuck -
Any Other Way
Jackson, Chuck -
Tell Him I'm Not Home
Jackson, Chuck -
This Broken Heart (That You Gave Me)
Jackson, Jerry -
Se Habla Espanol
Jackson, Walter -
Jackson, Walter -
This World Of Mine
James, Etta -
Pay Back
James, Etta -
Jan & Dean -
She's My Summer Girl
Jarmels, The -
Come on Girl (It's Time To Smile Again) (1963)
Jarmels, The -
I'll Follow You (1962)
Jarmels, The -
Little Bug (1962)
Jarmels, The -
Little lonely One (1961)
Jarmels, The -
One By One (1962)
Jarmels, The -
The Way You Look Tonight (1961)
Jarmels, The -
You Don't Believe a Word I Say (1986)
Jensen, Kris -
Come Back To Me (My Love)
Johnson, Marv -
Happy Days
Johnson, Marv -
Magic Mirror
Johnson, Roy Lee -
Love Is Amazing
Jones, Jimmy -
You're Much Too Young
Jones, Justin - Dance By Yourself
Jordan, Jimmy - Tick Tock
Josy, Nicole - La Vie C'est Toi ( Then Only Then )
Justice, Jimmy -
Green Leaves Of Summer
Justice, Jimmy -
Little Cracked Bell
Keene, Bobby - Angel Or Devil
Keller, Jerry - If I Had A Girl
Kilgore, Merle - Wicked City
King, Anna -
The Big Change
King, Ben E. -
Amore quando (1963)
King, Ben E. -
Quel Tuo Bacio
King, Ben E. -
Show Me The Way
King, Ben E. -
The Beginning Of Time
King, Ben E. & Dee Dee Sharpe -
We've Got A Thing Going On (1968)
King, Clyde -
Only The Guilty Cry
Kirby, Kathy -
Sometimes I'm Happy
Knight, Baker -
House Next Door
Knight, Robert -
Dance Only With Me
Knox, Buddy & Jimmy Bowen -
Ling Ting Tong
Laine, Frankie -
A Kiss Can Change The World
Lance, Major -
Lane, Gary -
How Wrong Can You Be
Last, James -
Cherry Pink
Lawrence, Steve -
Come Back Silly Girl
Lawrence, Steve -
Lee, Brenda -
Blueberry Hill
Lee, Brenda -
Do I Worry
Lee, Brenda -
Tables Are Turning
Lee, Michelle - I'm Sorry Missus Murray
Lee, Randy -
Young Days (1963)
Lee, Virginia -
Quien Sera
Lee, Virginia -
Till / Come Te Non C'e Nessuno
Light, Enoch & The Light Brigade -
I Wanna Be Happy Cha Cha
Lile, Bobby - The Break UpLittle Eva - Takin' Back What I Said
Little Peggy March -
Ora Che Abbiamo Litigato
Little Peggy March -
Ora Che Sai (1964)
Little Peggy March -
Perche Te Ne Vai (I will follow him) (1963)
Little Willie John -
Half A Love
Little Willie John -
My Baby's In Love With Another Guy
Little Willie John -
Until Again My Love
Littles, Hattie -
Here You Come
Lopez, Trini -
London, Bobbie -
Come On Back
Lory, Dick -
Handsome Guy
Los Hermanos
Rigual - Mezzanotte
Lou, Bonnie - 24 Hours Of Loneliness
Quartett – Salome (1961)
Lupe, La -
Take It Easy
Lynch, Kenny -
My Own Two Feet
Lynn, Barbara -
Dina And Petrina
Lynn, Barbara - Letter To Mommy And Daddy
Madara, Johnny -
Dulce Suena
Maestro, Johnny -
She's All Mine Alone
Mallet, Saundra & The Vandellas -
Camel Walk
Marcels, The -
Footprints In the Sand
Marcels, The -
Give Me Back Your Love
Marcels, The -
Really Need Your Love
Maresca, Ernie -
Some Day You'll Change Your Ways
Mariano Luis, Annie Cordy & Armand Migiari -
Cha-Cha Des Égouttiers
Marini, Marino -
Marketts, The -
Bella Dalena
Marley, Bob & The Wailors -
Don't Ever Leave Me
Martin, Eddie -
Keep Away From Julie
Martin, Dean -
Nobody's Baby Again
Martinez, Val -
Someone's Gonna Cry
Martino, Miranda -
Non Di Menticare Questa Notra Estate
Mary Jane With Barry Gray & His Spacemakers - Robot Man
Matadors, The -
You'd Be Crying Too
Mathis, Johnny - Come Back

McDaniels, Gene - Citta Viota (It's a lonely town) (1963)
Mcdaniels, Gene -
Spanish Lace
McDaniels, Gene -
The Secret
McKay, Beverly - Say It With Feeling
McNair, Barbara - That's All I Want From You
McPhatter, Clyde - Chinatown
McPhatter, Clyde -
Sweet And Innocent
Meccia, Gianni - L'ultima Lettera
Melson, Joe -
Hey, Mr. Cupid
Meshel, Billy -
My Little Angel
Migil Five -
First Taste Of Love
Miller, Jay -
Can´t You Tell Him No
Mills, Barbara -
Make It Last Take Your Time
Miracles, The -
What's So Good About Goodbye
Miranda, Wilson -
É Porquê
Missiles - Le Reveur
Monte Lou - Lazy Mary
Monte, Vinnie -
Monte, Vinnie - The Year Be Over

Montego, Juan & The Kingstone Orchestra - On The Dessert Road
Moreno, Augie - Spanish Harlem
Morgan -
Oh Hey There You
Nash, Johnny -
Don't Take Away Your Love
Nash, Johnny - Town Of A Lonely Heart
Neefs, Louis - Anita My Love
Neefs, Louis -
Ein Kleines Kompliment
Nelson, Rick -
It's Beginning To Hurt
Newton Brothers -
Dream Baby
Newton Brothers -
I Still Love You
Nirwe, Enaid - Tell Me Your Past

Noble, Patsy Ann -Don't Tell Him I Told You
Noble, Patsy Ann -
Sour Grapes
O'keefe, Johnny -
To Love
Obata, Miki - Juu Roku No Toki
Orlando, Tony -
Halfway To Paradise
Orlando, Tony -
Happy Times Are Here To Stay
Orlando, Tony -
Lonely Tomorrows
Osborne, Kell - Lonely Boy Song

Pacini, Mara - C'e Qualco Sa Che Non Va
Pacini, Mara - La Gente Lo Sa
Parakeets, The -
I Love You Like I Do
Parrish, Dean -
Bricks Broken Bottles And Sticks
Pavone, Rita -
Come Te Non C'e' Nessuno
Pavone, Rita -
Scrivi (Lady Love)
Peter En Zijn Rockets -
Dat Ben Ik
Petersen, Paul -
She Can't Find Her Keys
Philips, "Littlle" Ester -
While It Lasted
Philips, Terry -
My Foolish Ways
Pitney, Gene - If I Never Get To Love You

Pitney, Gene - The Boss's Daughter
Platters, The -
He's Mine
Playmates, The -
Wait For Me
Powers, Joey -
Don't Envy Me
Prins, Bobby -
Het Is Stil In De Straten
Radecliffe, Jimmy -
Long After Tonight Is All Over (Italian)
Randle, Bobby - Karen

Randolph, Jimmy - Caravan Of Lonely Men
Rankin, Kenny -
Cindy Loo (My Cinderella)
Raye, Jimmie -
I Kept On Walkin
Raymond, Jacques-
Ev'ry Day - Ev'ry Night
Reader, Pat -
Cha Cha On The Moon
Reese, Della - Blow Out The Sun
Reeves, Jim -
I'm Gonna Change Everything
Reeves, Jim -
Mexicali Rose
Reeves, Jim - There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder

Renay, Diane - Please Don't Talk To The Lifeguard
Rice, Robin - I've Had It

Rich, Charlie - Mohair Sam
Rich, Charlie -
Turn Around
Richard, Cliff & The Shadows -
Let's Make A Memory
Richard, Cliff & The Shadows -
Rivingtons, The -
Love Pill
Rodgers, Eileen -
Careful Careful
Rodgers, Jimmie -
T.L.C. (Tender Love And Care)
Rogers, Julie -
Without Your Love
Rondo, Don -
Quiet Girl
Ross, Edmundo -
How Near Is Love
Ross, Edmundo -
Royal, Billy Joe - If It Wasn't For A Woman
Ruffin, David -
Action Speaks Louder Than Words
Ruffin, Jimmy - What Becomes Of The Broken Haerted (Italian)
Santamaria, Mongo -
Corn Bread Guajira
Santamaria, Mongo -
Watermelon Man
Sattin, Lonnie -
Who's Gonna Mention My Name
Scheeren, Frank & Group -
I Got Troubles
Scott, Milly -
Zeg eens eerlijk
Sedaka, Neil -
Too Late
Shapiro, Helen -
Easy Come Easy Go
Shapiro, Helen - I Cried Myself To Sleep Last Night

Shapiro, Helen - Ole Father Time
Shapiro, Helen -
Sweeter Than Sweet
Shapiro, Helen -
Young Stranger
Sharp, Dee Dee -
Mashed Potato Time
Sharp, Dee Dee -
The Night
Sharp, Dee Dee -
Village Of Love
Shepherd Sisters, The - Deeply
Shirelles, The -
Shhh, I'm Watching The Movie
Sinbad, Sonny -
Sinks,Earl -
Language Of Love (1965)
Small, Millie -
Wings Of A Dove
Smith, Bobbie -
Smith, George -
I've Had It
Sompel, Willy And The Jubilaires - Princess Of My Dreams
Sophie -
Ton Au Revoir Est Un Adieu
South, Joe -
Concrete Jungle
Spacey, Kevin -
Dream Lover
Stafford, Terry -
I'll Touch A Star
Stafford, Terry -
Kiss Me Quick
Starr, Lucille -
Storm, Billy -
Puppy love is here to stay (1962)
String-A-Longs, The -
Tams, The -
Untie Me
Tasso, Vicki - The Sound Of The Hammer
Taylor, Zola - My Heart Belongs To Daddy
Temptations, The - I Couldn't Cry If I Wanted To
Terra, John -
Een Deuntje Uit De Oude Doos
Thomas, Judy -
Don't Feel Like The Lone Ranger
Thompson, Sue -
('til) I Kissed You
Thompson, Sue -
Sad Movies Make Me Cry
Those Fantabulous Strings -
Baby don't go
Three Sons, The -
Til, Sonny & The Orioles -
Hey Little Woman
Tino, Babs -
Forgive Me
Trider, Larry -
Who's Gonna Stand By Me
Tronics, The -
Troy, Doris -
Just One Look
Turner, Titus -
Come On In
Valente, Caterina -
Bongo Cha Cha Cha
Valente, Caterina - Hana
Valente, Caterina & Silvio Francesco -
Van, Billy -
There Goes That Sound Again
Van Keeken, Herman -
Buona Sera, Mr. Napoli
Vartan, Sylvie -
Fini De Pleurer
Sylvie Vartan - Gonna Cry

Vee, Bobby - One Last Kiss
Vells, The -
There He Is At My Door
Vells, The -
You'll Never Cherish A Love So True (1962)
Velvets, The -
Let The Fool Kiss You
Vincent, Gene -
Mr. Loneliness (1961)
Vincent, Gene -
Vincent, Lily -
Al Wat De Zee
Vinton, Bobby -
Io Non Posso Crederti (1966)
Washington, Baby -
A Handful Of Memories
Baby - Hey Lonely
Washington, Geno -
Now You're Lonely
Watson, Paula -
Love Me Forever
Welk, Lawrence -
Baby Elephant Walk
Wells, Mary -
Come To Me
Wells, Mary - My 2 Arms - You = Tears
Wells, Mary -
She Don't Love You
Wells, Mary-
The Day Will Come
West Siders, The -
Don't You Know
Williams, Danny -
The Wild Wind
Williams, Tawney -
Pretty Little Words
Williams, Tony -
How Come
Williams, Tony -
Every Little Movement
Wright, Nat -
Young, Roy -
Late Last Evening
Yuro, Timi -
Count Everything (1962)
Yuro, Timi -
For You
Yuro, Timi -
I Ain't Gonna Cry No More (1963)
Yuro, Timi -
Insult to Injury (1962)
Yuro, Timi -
It'll Never Be Over for Me (1968)
Yuro, Timi -
That's Right, Walk on By (1962)
Yuro, Timi -
What's a Matter Baby (1962)
Zanetti & Caly -
Eh ! Gia !
Zanicchi, Iva -
Credi (1964)